Gemma Bonshek Kane is a sculptor and ceramic artist whose work inquires into the relationship between the built and natural environment and the sustaining of humanity.

Kane’s work explores an emotive connection to elements of the landscape; cities, streets, flora and fauna. Her work aspires to remind us of our deep connection to our landscape and our reliance upon it whether for basic survival needs, or for the health of the human spirit. Kane’s work enjoys a playful and intimate exploration of these themes using mixed media sculpture of clay, fabric and metal. 

Kane formally studied visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts from 2003 to 2007 as well as undertaking an artist residency in China in 2006. In 2011 Kane began postgraduate studies in Urban Planning where themes of social wellbeing and environmental sustainability have become complementary to her artwork.



Felicity Jones ­has had a fascination with art and the natural world since she was very young. With a double Masters in Architecture and Landscape Architecture she is intrigued by the correlation between people, shelter and identity; a relationship cocooned by the environment.

Throughout her architectural study Jones undertook night classes in drawing at Adelaide Central School of Art. Having moved from the ordered, grid-like city of Adelaide, she draws inspiration from Canberra's strangely organic yet structured urban fabric; a unique blend of city and bush.

Jones enjoys working in a range of media from dry pastels and charcoal to acrylic paint and watercolour, and uses these to explore the intricacies of natural and built curiosities. She is largely self-taught in these mediums. In this exhibition she ponders individuals' entanglement with their environment and the imprints that we subconsciously impose onto the landscape. It is a study of reflections - how nature reflects us and how we reflect nature.



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